Quantum Blu Aerial Media is a trading name of the aerial media division of Quantum Blu Limited. The Permissions for Aerial Work certification and public liability insurance is held by Quantum Blu Limited. All contracts entered into by the client for aerial work will be with Quantum Blu Limited.

The Quantum Blu Commander/Pilot will be in charge of the operation at all times and has the right to halt flight operations at any time conditions for flight are considered to be unsafe or unsuitable.

Permission of the landowner from where the aircraft takes off and lands must be supplied in writing prior to flight commencement and it maybe necessary to also get permission from owners of land to be overflown if data protection is an issue. If it is a requirement to fly over land that does not belong to the client, then you they will need to obtain written permission from the land owner, providing us with a copy prior to flight commencement. A standard form for this can be supplied by us.

Special Permissions may be required from the CAA for operating under circumstances outside the standard permission granted; gaining these permissions may take additional time and increase costs. Should this be necessary, we will inform you and discuss this prior to finalising your booking.

We are allowed to fly to a maximum of 400ft (120m) altitude above ground and 500m horizontally from the UAV pilot and maintain ‘Visual Line of Sight’.

If a building or the people, animals or vehicles around it are not under our control, we can only fly to within 50m of any structure or persons. If a building and the people, animals and vehicles around it are under our control and we have the land owner’s permission, we can fly as close as it is deemed safe.

We do not fly directly over people or animals unless further risk assessment is undertaken.

We are not allowed to fly within 150m of crowds of 1,000 or more people. Additionally, we may not fly in restricted or regulated areas without special permissions.

We do not fly within 150m of congested areas without special permission and safety precautions.

We fly in dry conditions with winds up to a maximum of 20 mph, including gusts. We do not fly in precipitation including rain, snow or fog, as these conditions may affect the performance of the aircraft and create additional risk.

We may not fly near electrical power lines, transmitter structures or microwave posts, as these can cause transmission hazards unless certain safety conditions are met.

We may not fly if an unacceptable level of radio interference is present, which could affect the performance and control of the aircraft.

Cancellation Policy

If for any reason it is unlikely we cannot carry out the flight on the agreed day, we will look to reschedule, if agreeable, or cancel the operation if rescheduling is not applicable. Every effort will be made to monitor the weather leading up to the day of the flight. The following cancellation guidelines apply:

Weather prevents flight – the deposit will be carried forward if a flight is re-booked. If no re-booking is made, £100 will be kept to cover the cost of the mission assessment and administration; any additional amount deposited will be refunded to the client.

Cancellation by client with 7 clear days’ notice – deposit will be refunded or transferred to the new date if re-booked.

Cancellation by client without 7 clear days’ notice – the 2o% deposit will not be refunded and any additional costs or expenses already incurred must be met by the customer. This particularly applies on the day of flight, as our crew may already be on their way to you.

We will look at each case individually and attempt to deal with it in a manner fair to both parties.

If for any reason we are unable to carry out the mission to the client’s satisfaction, liability will be limited to monies paid in advance.