From Striking Cinematic Footage
To Property Promotion & Land Surveys

Quantum Blu Aerial Media offers a wide range of SUA Drone Aerial Filming & Photography services, by way of the latest small unmanned aircraft carrying high definition cameras.

Authorised by the CAA and fully insured for commercial operations, we are based in West London, but cover the UK, undertaking a range of commissions, from property and estate promotions to filming at weddings and events. Jobs vary in nature from aerial photography of property for Estate Agents, land surveying operations or filming for corporate and event requirements.  All media is shot in high definition, with 4k filming being the default.

Drone technology now makes aerial filming and photography highly affordable. All the applications for drone media have one thing in common – the aerial perspective provided by SUAs is unique in both its view point and ability to capture visual media, as well as useful data.

Paramount to all our operations is safety. We are authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) with the necessary permissions to carry out commercial aerial work, having satisfied the stringent operational training and guidelines. It is worth noting there are a numerous unlicensed operators carrying out commercial aerial work illegally, with no permissions from the CAA. These illegal operators will not have the necessary training or public liability insurance which means you, as the client, are exposed should an accident occur during an operation.

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